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Therapeutic recreation Spa.

Helth Spa is one of the most effective ways of cleansing the human body. Hot steam of Spa cleanses the skin of old cells, stimulates the secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands. Slags and toxins come out with sweat from the body ...

Increases all of metabolic processes, improves blood circulation. Open and clean pores of the body, sweat glands begin to secrete water and waste. Spa heat gently removes dead cells from upper skin layer.

Occurs a kind of breathing exercise - the Spa heat require additional portions of oxygen, breathing quickens, becomes deeper, and this, in its turn, improves the airflow in the lungs.

Bath relieves fatigue. Physiologists explain it by the fact that along with sweat, the excess of lactic acid is removing, that accumulates in the muscles and aggravate feeling of fatigue. Spa heat, warming the skin, muscles and all other tissues and organs, causing a pleasant relaxation.

In addition, the Spa heat creates a sterility. In the most rigorous analysis, hygienists did not find pathogenic bacteria on the hot shelf, even after many people visited it. From the Spa heat, germs are dying not only on the surfaces of inanimate objects, but also on the human body.

Regular visits to the Spa helps eliminate or softens the symptoms of many diseases: contractures, arthritis, gout, nephritis, cystitis, neuritis, bronchitis and others.

The Russian Spa is impossible without cold water. The combination of heat and cold is the basis of the physiological effects of the Spa. Under the influence of cold blood vessels are constrict, the blood directs to the internal organs and to the heart. Under heat, vessels dilate, the blood has directed to the periphery. The change of heat and cold strengthens blood vessels, improves blood flow to internal organs and stimulates the excretory processes.

Dobraia Banyka
Spa impact as a stimulator of metabolic processes

Spa impact as a stimulator of metabolic processes

Getting used to heat of Spa, you have notice that it is easier to carry, while experiencing a pleasant sensation. This is due to increased sweating. This improves circulation, accelerates metabolic processes in the body. At the same time, the blood begins to intensively supply the body with nutrients, different fluids and oxygen. There is a process of acceleration "burning" in the body. Due to this process, through the skin and lungs, the products of exchange are leaving.

It can be conclude, that the bath is a wonderful stimulant of metabolism. Digest better all that is necessary for the functioning of the body: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, mineral elements. It should be noted that, by acting on protein metabolism, Spa is a great benefit for the body. Everyone knows the function of the protein as the foundation for all life. From proteins depend a complex physiological processes in the body: digestion, blood pressure regulation. Circulatory system - a complex system of proteins. Then bacteria penetrate into our blood, antibodies attack it, which are also protein origin. Many scientists believe that a violation of protein synthesis generates the development of certain cancers. A Spa, by activating the metabolism, promotes protein synthesis.

Scientists hematologists who study the structure and properties of blood, its illness noticed, that from 26 years the amount of circulating blood in the muscles is reduced by almost half. Especially reduced the blood supply to the muscles of those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. From blood flow depend the health, resistance to infections, the overall condition of the body. Therefore, the impact of the bath it is necessary for a man. The raising temperature of blood in the bath tones the heart muscle and accelerates bloodstream. In one minute, the amount of blood flowing through the heart increases, an average, more than half.

Reasonable use of Spa heat, which in its effects can be equated to a kind of physical exercise, trains the heart and entire circulatory system. After the Spa the breath is better. And not just because the pores are thoroughly cleaned, but also thanks to the efforts of the blood circulation, which in turn stimulates the skin respiration.

Spa procedures is a real breath training. Acting on the throat, and mucous membranes of the nose, hot humidified air serves as an irritant. Breathing becomes deeper and more often as the high temperature required the new portions of oxygen.

Hurried breathing improves airflow in the lungs, increasing the ventilation in more than twice. This, in turn, increases the flow of oxygen. After the Spa procedure, the blood increases the number of erythrocytes and hemoglobin, which carry oxygen from cell to cell. Not forgotten white blood cells. Due to the Spa heat, they also get fresh impulses that strengthens their main function of microbes destroying.

It is long time have been practiced the hardening in the Spa. After the Spa heat, dived under the ice or snow (and now - in the pool or under a cold shower). Hardening in the Spa is reasonable combination of irritants such as heat and cold. However, the person must be prepared for this procedure. Consider the mechanism of variable effects of the high and low temperatures. At cold, blood vessels are constrict. Blood directs directly to the internal organs, to the heart. Consequently, even after the cold water appearing the feeling of tingling all over the body and a pleasant surge of heat. Then, blood flow directs from the heart to the periphery, extending the vessels again. As a result, the heart rhythm increases. This means it is a time to return to a hot Spa.

Spa impact to human health

It is a good workout for vessels and circulation. Hardenable contrasting treatments normalize the heart rate and breathing. The same result is achieved by athlete, thanks to skillfully constructed training.

However, you must temper carefully, without committing violence against own body. Gradually get used to both heat in the Spa, as well as to low temperatures. Heart without training cannot withstand extreme temperatures. First, after leaving the Spa, take a shower with warm water and after a few sessions, you can take a cold shower. This shower not only serves for hygienic purposes, it complements the healing Spa effect.

To make water massage stand under a strong stream of water and firstly direct it on the neck, then the shoulders, back, legs, heels. Only then, spray the belly. It is very comfortable to use a hose by rotating it clockwise and changing the water temperature in the following way: hot, cool, warm, cool, hot, and cool.

Spa impact to human health

But for such hardening procedure have to get used gradually. You have to make small changes in temperature, and then increase them. In addition to the hardening effect, shower fill the air by splattered drops of water, and it is valuable for the human body with negative ions.

It is possible be cooled not only with cold water but with fresh air also. Many people prefer the second method. By the way, the Romans were cooled after hot Spa in this way. But do not be supercool until chilled. Cooling should not take much time.

If the Spa has a swimming pool, it is not advisable to jump into cold water immediately after first entry in a Spa. At that time, you not even get warm enough. A good indicator of warm - hot knees. Only after two or three visits to the Spa, you can safely go to the pool with cold water. Please note: to go quietly and not jump into the cold water! Try do not make any sudden movements. If the water is not very cold, it is permitted a little swimming. Try to focus on swimming and get pleasure. Combine swimming with somersaults in the water and light massage. Once you are cool, you can go to the Spa again for 2-3 minutes. Then - in the waiting room.

Spa impact to human health

Here you have to rest, wrapped in a linen sheet or a bathrobe. During this rest you will sweating, clearing the body from toxins. Only experienced bathers can afford to wiping snow and ice swimming. First, train yourself to a more affordable and less risky cooling in the waiting room, warm, and then cool shower; every visit to the Spa reduce the temperature of water during cooling. That way, you prepare yourself to the pool with cold water, and then to snow drifts.

Experienced bathers developed their own method of hardening. Snowdrift for "bathing” must be prepared. Snow in it should be friable and soft, for do not to scratch the body by rubbing.

All people want to preserve youth as long as possible, resorting to all sorts of, sometimes, unreasonable means. The dream of eternal youth people have embodied in the beautiful myths of the immortality of the gods. Nature has provided man with all the conditions for a long and painless life. But, unfortunately, people do not know how to use them, or rather, they had forgotten about the ways of salvation. Many scientists argue that even a simple compliance of the rules of hygiene can prolong human life and youth.

Rejuvenating Spa effect

The word "hygiene" in Latin means "bringing health." Cleanliness of the body achieved by the simplest means, for example, by washing with soap and water should provide in large-scale the reduction of morbidity and mortality. A man can extend his life, by at least a decade, if only will maintain in his environment, and especially in all parts of the body a reasonable standard of cleanliness. We get older, because protein molecules, of which consist all our cells, are blocking and have little use by one or another system of organism. These blocked cells prevent the exit of harmful toxins. The poison accumulated in our body is like a snake lurking. Therefore, it is necessary to control the state of the internal environment, its cellular elements, to find methods of their systematic recovery, purification, renewal. And for this, have to fighting with stagnation of blood in certain parts of the body using the gym, Spa and massage.

From this perspective, let us again consider the mechanism of action of Spa. The heat of Spa gently removes from the top layer of skin dead skin cells. Dying cells are displaced by new growing. Useful properties of the bath vigorously help our self-renewal - if quickly get rid of dead cells, then there is an opportunity for the creation of new ones. As a result, increasing metabolism that rejuvenates an organism. A slow metabolism is the first sign of aging of the human body.

Rejuvenating Spa effect

Violation of metabolic processes, and if more concrete - violation of cholesterol metabolism, it is a cause of arteriosclerosis: thickening and compaction of the artery walls, loss of elasticity of blood vessels and the ability to full circulation. Cholesterol is characterizing by passivity. It do not burn and with little exchange is depositing on artery walls. In a good atmosphere of Spa, the metabolism is increases, and "on fire" of carbon and proteins, that characterized by high activity, the cholesterol is burning. In the Spa the human body is shaking, renewing, toning. That is why you come out from Spa in a good mood.

Aging - it is not always fading strength. Nature has provided many adaptive systems that begin to function with age, preventing the extinction of the body. Our task - to help this processes using gym, hygiene, various methods of hardening and useful properties of the Spa.

Rejuvenating Spa effect

Is distributed the misconception, that older people need to live as calmly as possible, to save the energy and not wasting it on exercises. As if life energy is severely limited in its amount. The slightest weakening of activity leads to a slowing down of the entire human biological system, the efforts of which produce special hormones that increase vitality.

One of the main reasons for reduction a lifetime is the lack of hardening. Older people simply necessary the physiological shake, the restoration of resistance to temperature changes. Therefore, they should improve the vitality by hydrotherapy, hardening and Spa procedures.

It is well known calming effect of water. Even a simple contemplation of a quiet creek, river or sea balances the nervous system. A water treatment are an excellent sedative. The atmosphere of the Spa, her gentle heat and water give a sense of mental balance. It is impossible, that man came out of the Spa in a bad mood. Even if it came in a Spa in a bad mood, then will come out of it with a smile. On his cheeks lights up the glow.

Calming the nervous system, Spa relieves fatigue. The person feels more energetic because with sweat excess of lactic acid is leaving, that constantly accumulating in the muscles and exacerbate the feeling of fatigue. Heat of Spa, warming the skin, muscles, various tissues and organs, causing a pleasant relaxation, looseness. This serene, not burdened, lung condition promotes metabolism, the violation of which causes fatigue. That is why after a Spa have a filling of unusual lightness and optimism. One sign of the soothing features of Spa is a beautiful dream as a "rescuer of the nervous system." Researchers concluded that the recovery processes during a restful sleep occur two to three times faster.

Over the years, women are grieving by premature wrinkles, which appear due to reduced function of the sebaceous glands. As a result, skin begins to lose elasticity. The Spa, by its effects, replace dozens of cosmetic products, as we know, not so cheap. Some people mistakenly think that skin care should begin with applying of creams and other cosmetics. First of all, you need to make a cleansing from sebum, dead horny scales and various contaminants, that could be successfully done in the steam room.

Everyone knows the miraculous properties of Spa. Scientists have repeatedly proved that a visit to the Spa has a positive effect on the human body. However, very few know that the Spa may also preserve youth and beauty of the face. Regular visits to the Spa can normalize lipid metabolism of the skin: dry skin becomes more oily and oily – drier.

Masks in Spa

In the Spa are dying thousands of pathogenic microbes that live on the skin. Visits to the Spa have a favorably impact on the condition of sweat glands, which participate in the water-salt exchange and excreted not less water, than the kidney.

Only the Spa with its heat opens and thoroughly cleans pores, washes away dirt and removes dead skin cells.

Spa has been considered as an excellent tool for the fight against aging. To do so, you have to make masks regularly. Some argue that it is better to do masks directly in the Spa. However, in reality it is not. You need to apply the mask after visiting the Spa, because the Spa is primarily directed to perspiration and humidity, rather than absorption.

As soon how start to appear the first drops of sweat on the face, the mask could get out. Therefore, we must understand that in the Spa can be applied just means that promote sweating. For example, the mask scrub of honey and salt. The recipe of this mask is very simple: you need 200 grams of honey mixed with 250 grams of sea salt and then rub the mixture by circular massage all over the body.

To properly scrubs the skin and open the pores, takes only ten minutes. Coming out of Spa, wash away the mask with water. At the same time, make sure that the parts of scrub are not on the skin. Then clean the body with a soft towel.

"Under the influence of hot steam increases the elasticity of the skin. It becomes shining, and wrinkles are gradually smoothed out."

Coming out of the bath, take rest for 20 minutes, and then proceed to the anti-aging procedures.

Masks in Spa

Recipes of facial masks

    1. Oat flakes, pre-soaked in water, mix with the same amount of sour cream. Apply to face and in 15 minutes wash with warm water. This mask will help you smooth out the skin, improve complexion and get rid of black points.
    2. Mix egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of brewer's yeast, 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil and apply on face. Wash off in 15 minutes with warm water. This mask has excellent nutritional properties and lifts the skin.
    3. For skin whitening, you can apply a mixture of one tablespoon of dry seaweed and a tablespoon of sour cheese. Wash out 20 minutes after with warm water. This mask is struggling with age-related changes, making invisible pigmented spots.

Recipes of masks for hair

Masks in Spa
    1. Masks for hair is better do not apply after coming out of Spa but better before to go to Spa. Apply the mask and put cap for Spa.
    2. Recipe of mask against hair loss: Mix three tablespoons of burdock oil and two tablespoons of honey. Apply to clean hair, and after twenty minutes wash with shampoo.
    3. Mask for hair shine: Mix three tablespoons of mayonnaise with mashed clove of garlic and put on in a clean hair in Spa, then wash with shampoo.

Recipes of masks for body

    1. This mask is able to remove fat and eliminate the cellulite. Mix 5 tablespoons of fresh grape juice with a teaspoon of liquid honey and two teaspoons of any cream.
    2. For the skin become softer and more elastic, mix two tablespoons of olive oil, one egg, two tablespoons of honey and the juice of half a lemon. Apply on skin and wash ten minutes after.

Bath excites a good appetite. It reduces the acidity of gastric juice and at the same time enhanced digestive processes. "Spa masters" take with them a tasty meal to enjoy it with friends after coming out of the Spa. But it is important not to overdo it. After all, the Spa tasks is a hygiene and a rehabilitation. And those who overeat after a Spa and even drink alcohol (beer included), do not benefit their body and will come to opposite results.

Many people in recent years are overweight. In Spa is particularly noticeable. Such obese people cause a smile and sorrow of others, but saddest - extra weight is the cause of many diseases. Such, for example, heart attacks and kidney disease. Doctors have even found that the most dangerous fat deposits are in the abdominal area. Obese people have the big risk of heart attack.

Spa and Slimming

Scientists studying the adipose tissue, found an association between adipose tissue and the brain center. They concluded that fat cells may themselves give a signals of the emergence of appetite. As a result, the appetite is growing, and metabolic processes are slowing down. Adipose tissue keeps a person "in captivity".

The main factor that contributes slimming in a Spa is an excessive sweating in a steam, i.e. the output of excess liquid from the body and opening the pores.

In the Spa, the skin is humidifying already at the entrance, due to condensation of steam on it. Sweating begins at 8-10 minutes of stay in the Spa. In those who are used to the Spa, sweating may begin in a 3-4 minutes.

At the beginning of staying in the Spa increases the activity of sweat glands and the number of active sweat glands of humans is 100 per 1 cm2.

Spa and Slimming

Body weight during Spa visiting, using the steam room is reduced due to sweating, according to the length of staying in the steam room, the air temperature, body position (sitting, lying), a condition of the nervous system, water-salt metabolism, sex (according to some scientists, men sweat more than women). Persons who familiar with the Spa have a weight loss in average of 20 g / m2, and persons who previously not visited - 13 g / m2.

The total sweating in the steam room reaches usually 20-30, sometimes 40 g / min. It depends on the air temperature in the steam room, the duration of impact of hot air, the number of visits in a steam room, and the use of a broom.

Significant evaporation of sweat occurs when the temperature of the skin of person reaches 41 ° C. In case of excessive overheating in the Spa (4-5 visits to the steam room), sweating stops almost completely.

How to strengthen sweating, without causing damage to the health?

Spa and Slimming

Some people, before Spa visiting, rub the body with honey and salt. Then climb to the highest shelf, where are starting to sweat profusely. To strengthen sweating for weight loss drink hot (50-70 ° C) water, adding lemon or cranberry juice, extract from the leaves of wild strawberry and a decoction of raspberry.

Sweating does not stop when a person comes out of the steam room. So, we cannot go out soon. To avoid colds sit or lie down in a waiting room, wrapped in a linen sheet.

Sometimes people rubbing with grated radish and tar, turpentine and pepper. This is one of the oldest recipes, which is remembered today.

To get rid of the extra kilos, coming out of the steam room, do not rush to the pool or the shower. Try to endure flushed state as long as possible to save the sweating. If you go under a cold shower, then sweating will dramatically reduce.

Spa and Slimming

In order to strengthen sweating and lose weight during Spa procedure, many are pouring hot salt water. After that, they cover themselves in a sheet or in a warm blanket in a waiting room and begins to sweat. The procedure lasts for half an hour. This creates a strong sense of thirst. However, you cannot resist. You can drink a sip of water and not more. It is recommended to eat a slice of lemon.

After properly sweating, you need to take a warm shower to wash away the sweat and salt and dry. After relaxing, you have to come back in the steam room.

It is important to respect the rules of procedure. It is recommended to do short but frequent visits to the steam room. Visits to the steam room you need to alternated with stay in the waiting room (without drinking).

Very useful the combination of steaming with the general massage.

Spa and Slimming

Since fat has a low thermal conductivity, fat people sweating less in the steam room. Therefore, they especially need to use actively a broom. Using a broom is not only a means of massage, but also causes a person to spend additional energy (kcal), as a perspiration itself is very energy-intensive process.

To remove the extra weight a rigid diet is practicing. But it is difficulty tolerated, since the rejection of the usual food makes people depressed and with lack of energy, etc. Exactly in this case the Spa procedure helps.

Enjoying the Spa visiting, man gets rid of gloom. This solves a psychological problem. In addition, after sweating the metabolism is stimulating and a person lose weight.

The effect can be enhanced by using of compression. After steam room, wrap yourself in a damp sheet and sit in this state for 2 hours. After a few sessions, you will lose weight.

Spa and Slimming

If you want to lose weight, visit a Russian Spa instead of Finnish sauna. It is known that the wet atmosphere make the thermoregulation more difficult for some time. Hence, the body temperature rises significantly, that contributes to the stimulation of oxidative processes and increases metabolism. Wet steam vaporizes fats better than sauna with dry air.

The effect of "weight loss" is achieved in the steam room by dehydration, that is the water loss by organism. It should be kept in mind, however, that the water gone with sweat is quite quickly restored. Therefore, by itself Spa or a sauna without particular mode cannot be an effective mean of weight loss.

If you want to lose a weight, a Spa should be combined with diet and exercise. In Spa is recommended to visit the steam room twice for about 15-20 minutes at a temperature of 70-100 ° C with a ten-minute break.

Spa and Slimming

Very obese people should be careful to use the Spa, as they will involve a load on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

With use of contrasting temperatures with a difference of 25 ° C is reached equilibrium of distribution of liquids in the body and helps to prevent thirst, which is the main obstacle to securing and maintaining the effect of weight loss due to dehydration.

For the massage, you have to prepare a broom. Fresh, just cutting broom, need to rinse with warm water. It do not need to be steamed, it is deteriorate otherwise.

Methods of preparing of the dry broom to Spa are special.

First, rinse broom a little. Dip in a bowl with warm water and then add hot. Cover the bowl with a broom with the other bowl. Broom should be properly steamed. After this procedure, it will be silky, filling the air with healing scents. But it is important not overexpose the broom in the water.

Massage with a bath broom

To a broom do not lose the leaves, you need to prepare it not in the Spa but previously at home in the morning. For this technology soak a broom with warm and hot water, then shake it and put in a plastic bag, so it does not dries until the evening.

You can prepare a broom in the evening: during the night soak it in a bowl with cold water. While, at the same time, many valuable substances the broom would give to this water. You can use this water to wash the hair.

Some experienced Spa attendants prepare a broom in another way: the broom is only slightly washed and placed on a few minutes on the bottom shelf in the steam room. Such preparation is suitable only for Russian Spa with humid steam. With a dry steam broom quickly dries and becomes hard.

Visit the Spa with a broom - it is an art. There are a few "golden" rules that must be respected:

    1. broom should be wet. It must be periodically soaked in warm water;
    2. motions of attendant must be verified, spontaneous whipping with the broom may hurt;
    3. If in a steam room is very hot, use the broom carefully. The steam can burn the skin.

It is better visit the Spa together, massaging each other with a broom. The best position in Spa - lying on the shelf (the muscles relax and the temperature effects on the whole body uniformly). There are different methods to use a broom: pat, grinding, compression and stretching. These procedures are performed in a certain sequence.

Massage with a bath broom

The treatment in the Spa with a broom starts from touching - several times (4-5) pass a broom along the body, almost without touching it. The person feels nice hot breeze.

Brooms have to go from head to feet and return. On return broom slides on the sides of the body from head to the feet. On the sides of the body using a broom like a fan - gently, barely touching, without haste. After such an easy touching pass to the easy hits.

First, make weak hits by broom - "heat" - one or the other part of the body, and then increase the frequency and force of the hits, creating in these areas additional heat. Those who suffer from sciatica, sprains, muscle aches, may heat diseased regions. These procedures cause irritation of skin receptors, and this way you are able to influence tissues and organs located under the skin. The main stage of treatment in steam room starts from weak hits of the back: grab the hot steam with a broom and "heat" the muscles of the back, then the lower back, buttocks and legs.

If is too hot, we must act carefully, brooms in the hands of assistants need to slow down. Pick up brooms and shaking it over the lying person. Once the sweat is appeared on his back and body warms up completely, you can act by broom harder on the body, wiping the sweat that had stood out. All this must be done vigorously but easily.

You can make a birch poultice. Assistant should roll out the broom over his head for heat it. Then lower the broom on the body of person - to the waist, back and buttocks. From above he should press with the second broom. Such compresses do for low back pain and in the joints. He need to turn compress broom all the time to the other, more heated side.

Massage with a bath broom

If it is necessary to warm up the deep knee joint, the steamed broom is imposed on a top of gently bend the lower leg. Compresses are very useful for muscle pain (after a lot of exercise), sciatica and gout.

Then follows the stretching. It is recommended for a variety of pain in sacro-lumbar region and is usually carried out by two brooms. Steamed brooms are placing on the lower back, and leading in different directions, one from the back to the head, the other - from the buttocks down to the feet. Stretching is carried out 5 - 6 times and terminate by stroking of the body.

If in the next visit in the steam room you want to use a broom again, repeat all previous methods at accelerated pace, and finish by rubbing the back by broom, waist and pelvis. Rub the body as you like, in any direction but in the end - along. After the procedure lie down a bit, then sit, and after go to make the cooling procedures.

Finally, the last treatment is rubbing, which is performed as follows. With one hand take a broom, and by the other hand, gently pressing on the hardwood part, gradually rubbing all over the body. The body is rubbing in all directions, the limbs - along.

Massage with a bath broom

After rubbing sit down, get up continuously and carefully - can be dizziness.

The described process of the treatment with a broom should involve two people. But there are times when a person goes to Spa alone. It can also have its advantages. Firstly, it is easier to dose a force of broom blow, if necessary, the broom could quickly move to another area of the body, or vice versa, heat more some parts of the body. Secondly, the load is useful for person, broom hitting is a load, which is very easy to change.

If you really had to make a treatment n Spa by yourself, lie down, bend your knees and begin with your feet. First, do the strokes in the direction of the feet to the pelvis. You can use one or two brooms. Broom slides easily and uniformly on the front surface of the legs, then on the back, stroking are performed 3-4 times. To improve the impact of heat to the body, move the broom from one part of the body to the other, and occasionally quickly raise up a broom. Then move the broom on the chest and stroking in the direction of the thighs up the belly and chest to the side parts of the body, and then across the trunk. Then treat the hands. Rise up the arms alternately and do stroking from wrist to the shoulder, 5-6 times.

Massage with a bath broom

After that, you can sit down, without putting the legs from the shelf, and treat back and neck.

The speed of manipulations of broom in the steam room depend of the temperature. With the weakening of the heat, the movements of the broom have to be accelerated and rubbing - energetic. If the temperature in the steam room is normal - movements should be clear with a medium strength.

With a strong heat, use the brooms this way, one broom has to create a wave of heat and the other - softens it.

Do not prolong the time of treatment by broom - in any case, visit to the steam room should not be more than 15 minutes. Even a short-term visit to the Spa with a broom certainly will bring a great result.

After the treatment in Spa and the subsequent relaxation massage is recommended.

Massage after Spa

The word "massage" comes from the Arabic "mass" - touch. On human skin exists the so-called reflex zones. These zones are projections of our internal organs to the skin surface. Thus, the therapist through the skin acts on the activities of man organs.

Before the massage it is necessary to wash a bench with hot water, the body must also have an elevated temperature (if you have cooled down, go to the steam room for 2-3 minutes).

There are various techniques of massage. The following are the most common methods.


It is performed on the surface of the whole body with straightened hands with closed toes. One hand goes one after the other or in parallel. Stroking, at first, do easy and calm, but in the end - active, with wrist pressing.


The sliding motions of hands at this form of massage are replaced by pressure with movement forward. Skin are slightly shifting and forms folds. Do this gently and carefully.


Use your thumb and part of the palm of your hand, pressing on the body and slide along it strictly in a straight line.


Take with calm, with both hands, the wrist of a person and pull easily. Then stretch the other arm.

For legs shaking, have to keep in one hand the leg from the back bottom of the lower leg and lifting the foot with the other hand. Then pull the leg back and forth and calmly shake.


By performing this technique, it is necessary to keep both hands with palms facing each other. Sawing movements of edges of hands rubbing the back and stomach. Each of the hands, at the same time, point to the opposite directions.


This technique is often used to massage the thighs. We need to embrace the thigh or calf muscle by palms on both sides and produce a rolling movement. You cannot do it abruptly, and with all the strength. It is a good massage after injury.


With large fat deposits in the abdomen is useful to do wrapping. Performing of this type of massage should be as follows: stroking the belly with both hands, then by an edge of the left hand easily press on the stomach, and by right hand move the fat tissue to the left hand. Make the movements around the abdomen.


Pushing as massage, are useful not only for the external cover of the abdomen, but also for the stomach, intestines and liver. But it should be done with caution and moderation. You cannot do this massage more than 2-3 times. Before the massage easily stroking the belly with both hands. After that, press lightly on the stomach with the left hand and push it with a right hand.

It is necessary to perform the massage techniques only along the lymph flow. Do not touch the lymph nodes (under the arms, behind the knees) and breasts during the massage.

During the massage should not be a brute force. The hands of a massage therapist can penetrate into the tissue, but without causing any pain.

Massage after Spa

To avoid tissue irritation, the massage therapist do not have to stop in one place for a long time and systematically process the entire area to be massage.

Massage in the bath should not take more than 20 minutes.

Spa experts make a big mistake when making a massage for a long time after a long stay in the steam room and massage with a broom.

After an active Spa procedure is useful massaging only some reflex zones or diseased parts of the body: arm, leg or lower back. It is advisable to perform a massage between the first and second visit of the steam room.

Steam room is strictly contraindicated for:

    1. Pregnant women
    2. People with cancer, cardiovascular diseases
    3. Anemia
    4. Epilepsy
    5. Asthma
    6. Botkin's disease
    7. Varicose veins
    8. Peptic ulcer disease
    9. Stroke and traumatic brain injury, as well as an exacerbation of chronic diseases, fever, extensive inflammation of the skin.

The Spa has its own laws, and they must comply strictly:

    1. Accustom to the Spa heat gradually and cautiously.
    2. Do not go to the steam room after a heavy meal. This gives unnecessary load on the heart.
    3. Before visiting the Spa do not drink the alcohol.
    4. If you feel chilly or feel tired, do not rush to the Spa shelves. This means that you are not ready for the Spa procedure. Take a few exercises or dip your feet in a basin of warm water and gradually add more hot.
    5. In the Spa must wear a special cap or a woolen hat to protect the head from overheating. Useful and thick woolen mittens, which will be much more convenient to keep the hot broom.
    6. Before the Spa is recommended to take a warm shower, but without soap. Soap deprives the skin of the protective layer, making it dry and the secreted heat and the sweat irritate her.
    7. It is better to go to steam room with a dry body, so after a shower a person must be carefully wiped: water in the body inhibits the perspiration. For this reason, during of the procedure the sweat must be constantly wiping.
    8. In the Spa it is better lie down instead of sitting. Then the heat uniformly covers the body, the muscles are relaxing and could be thoroughly heated.
    9. It is best do not visit Spa alone, but together and take turns treating each other with a broom. In each hand of an acting person has a broom, and the one who is treated, lies on the stomach.
    10. If brooms dried up in the heat of the Spa, it is necessary to wash it with warm water and immediately shake off an excess of water (broom ready for work should be slightly damp).
    11. Each broom must touch the body in certain sequence from head to the feet and back. We must act gradually, without haste.

      First touches of the brooms to the body should be very easy. In such "gentle" way it is necessary to go through 4-5 times in the legs, buttocks, back, arms and back. One broom is on the left side and another - on the right.

      When the body is thoroughly warmed up, proceed to more vigorous actions: slightly hit by broom on the back, waist, hips and legs.

      To conclude this stage of the procedure, it is necessary to rub the body with a broom as a sponge.

      Now the person should roll over on the back. The procedure is repeated in the same sequence, but less vigorously. At the end, it is useful briefly put on the chest in the heart region the broom soaked in cold water or a cold sponge.

    12. If you go to the Spa alone, you can make a broom massage by yourself. You should start lying on your back with bent legs. Firstly, stroking with a broom - from the feet to the knees, then to the hips, and then on the sides - to the shoulders and head. Then you need to slightly hit yourself and grind by leafy part of the broom. Special attention should be given to the muscles and joints that are often hurt or get tired every day.
    13. Do not try to stay in the Spa shelf as long as possible - 10-15 minutes is enough. Do not jump sharply from the shelf: after the procedure, sit for a while, for a circulation has adapted to a vertical position.
    14. After the steam room is good to take a shower (warm and cool - alternately) or swim in the pool with cool water. But the main thing – do not supercool. There is inviolable rule in a Spa: cold procedure should be short.
    15. Strongly recommended do not drink beer in the Spa and other strong drinks. Only hot tea, herbal infusions and decoctions! Also, do not eat immediately after coming out of the steam room.
    16. To create a pleasant atmosphere in the Spa, into the water, which is poured over the stones, add herbal extracts, herbal teas, honey and beer.

St. John's wort helps with diseases of the stomach and liver and rheumatoid arthritis.

Leaves mother and stepmother with the addition of nettle is used in hair loss and dandruff.

Infusion of chamomile combined with oregano and thyme helps in the treatment of lung diseases, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, diseases of the throat. This infusion creates in steam room the aroma of steppe.

Thyme or Bogorodskaya herb is useful against coughing, diseases of the throat and it clears the atmosphere in the steam room.

Infusion of eucalyptus reduces blood pressure and increases tissue oxygen demand, it is not recommended for people in a state of hypoxia (low oxygen content in the organism or specific organs and tissues).

Broom is the main attribute of Spa treatments. This is a unique tool for massage, increases the blood circulation in the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles of the body. Broom is a source of essential oils, which are getting into the body, improving the metabolism.

Healing bath brooms

Some prefer the combined brooms, which consist from birch branches with the addition of eucalyptus, oak, currants, and a small amount of oregano and wormwood.

Birch broom helps with pain and aching joints and muscles, cleans the skin of pustules, accelerates the healing of wounds and abrasions. His main feature is that birch steam greatly enhances bronchial tubes, and after a Spa visit with a birch broom it is easier to breath. This is the best broom for ex-smokers, which began to do the breathing exercises.

Oak broom is good for people with oily skin. It makes the skin matte and supple, has an anti-inflammatory effect. The aroma of oak prevents excessive increase of blood pressure during Spa procedure.

Healing bath brooms

Linden broom helps eliminate the headache, accelerates sweating and has a soothing, bronchodilator, analgesic effect. Especially useful for colds.

Juniper broom helps with rheumatism, but because of its prickliness requires careful use and addiction. Such a broom should be hold 30 minutes in boiling water.

Silver fir broom also has an anti-rheumatic effect, it helps to normalize blood circulation and when it is used give the smells of the forest for a steam room.

Healing bath brooms

Currant broom is useful for the skin. In addition, it gives a unique flavor to the air in the steam room.

Nettle broom is the perfect remedy for a radiculitis. Before use, it is lowered to 5 minutes in hot and then cold water, after which you do not need to afraid the nettle burns. You should use a nettle broom on the lower carefully. It is useful in diseases of the kidneys and joints. Harvest of the nettle brooms is in May until June, the young nettles should be dried in the shade.

Maple broom has healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action. It absorbs sweat, and all the harmful substances with it.

Using Spa special decoctions (often in the literature they are called bath cocktails) has the ancient history. In the Russian Spa long time has been used the decoctions and infusions of various herbs, which "giving" to the stones to get a light, soft, aromatic and healing steam.

About herbal teas

Breathing medicinal steam in a Spa is a type of inhalation. Useful substances penetrating through the respiratory system and the expanded pores into the body and have a beneficial effect on the central nervous system. This, in its turn, has a positive effect on the activities of the various organs and systems, especially the heart and blood vessels. At the same time, it is facilitate the assimilation of medicinal substances, improves blood circulation and blood oxygen supply, occurs a rejuvenation of the hall body.

The use of the decoctions in Spa enhances the therapeutic and healing Spa effect. As is well known, in medicine for the fast injection of medicaments in the body the aerosols are used. Thus, in Spa the aerosol is steam saturated by decoction components.

For the treatment of colds, rheumatism and infectious diseases in ancient Russian Spa has been made the narrow wooden camera - "chepuchinu" in which the patient was breathing by healing steam. In addition, in a waiting room has been placed the brooms and bunches of herbs that filled the room with a pleasant and healing aroma.

About herbal teas

Since the beginning of its appearance, Spa and similar constructions has a hygienic importance, which is the purification of the body from the mud, sweat and toxins. In this regard, it is desired to clean not only by the influence of heat and water, but by such substances that contribute to the destruction on the skin of the pathological microorganisms and eliminate toxins. These substances are contained in special Spa decoctions. In order the decoction in the steam room did not give the burning smell, so as not to distort its flavor, it is necessary, first, to splash some water on the stones, immediately splash hot water with a decoction, and then - again a bit of clean water - again of water with the decoction (especially important for a closed stove).

Decoction of herbs are very effective in Spa with the dry steam. When in the steam room is a dry heat, the steam of medicinal plants are distributed uniformly, without stop on the surface of the skin and penetrates deep into the pores. Spa cocktails are beneficial not only to cure diseases, but also to prevent them.

Each infusion or decoction in its effect on the human body based on the characteristics of herbs or substances.

    1. Peppermint improves mood and give a beneficial effect on the heart.
    2. Oregano treats diseases of the upper respiratory tract and nervous system.
    3. The leaves of black currant help with colds and strengthen the body after a flu.
    4. Mustard eliminate cold on its first stages.
    5. Linden accelerate the process of sweating.
    6. Eucalyptus is good to give to some children suffering from sinusitis. It is well clears the nasal passages.

Do you want the flavor of summer blooming? Prepare the infusion of mint, oregano, medical chamomile, linden, sage, thyme, St. John's wort, a mother and stepmother, aromatic tea, clover, leaves of horseradish, eucalyptus or laurel. The special flavor gives an infusion of leaves and young shoots of currants.

About herbal teas

Beer make a bread flavor in the steam room: add 50 grams of beer to the 3 liters of boiling water.

Mustard make a spicy flavor, that is good for colds prophylactic. To do this, add a teaspoon of dry mustard.

"Delicious" steam is obtained by addition into the water the tablespoon of finely ground coffee. In addition, you can add to the bowl with hot water half a teaspoon of honey and 5 drops of eucalyptus oil, or 7-10 drops of menthol. All these flavors enhance mood, make a positive effect on the nervous system, heart and blood vessels.

Coniferous extract is used as a sedative for nervous system disorders and physical and mental fatigue.

If you could not sleep and often wake up, try to visit the Spa with infusion of thyme. In addition, sedative effect make a visit to the steam room with mint or orange oil.

About herbal teas

If you need the opposite effect, then there will help a Spa with the jasmine smell, it excites the brain activity and it is no worse than caffeine. But tonic infusions and oils preferably are used in the morning.

Sprinkle dry plants directly on the shelves. More often are used leaves of black currant, sage, eucalyptus and fir branches. When the plants are melted, they will give a wonderful smell.

Do not try all means to generate steam in a same time - the combined effect of additives is unpredictable.

Actions of the decoctions on the human body are varied. Decoction (extracts) can be grouped according to their medicinal properties.

    1. Disinfecting decoctions. The use of these decoctions contributes to the destruction of pathogenic microbes in the room of Spa and on the human body. The composition of the decoction (infusion) should include plants with disinfecting, antibacterial and antiseptic action. This group of plants includes: salvia officinalis, chamomile, calendula, birch, yarrow, eucalyptus, black poplar and juniper. Take equal parts of plants, mix 2 tablespoons of collection with 1 cup of boiling water and heat on low flame during 10 minutes. Then leave it for an hour in a warm place. In the Spa, decoction is diluted in 5 liters of water and poured onto the stones.
    2. Bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory: these include decoction of eucalyptus leaves, linden, mother and stepmother, whip cloudberry, sage and many other plants.
    3. Calming: decoction of St. John's wort, hops, thyme, linden.
    4. Tonic: decoction of mountain ash, juniper, sage, cumin.
    5. Lowers blood pressure decoction is a rosemary, hawthorn and motherwort.

After the bath is helpful to drink 1-2 cups of herbal tea. It will do the extra cleaning of the body and support it with vitamins.

    1. Rosehip and chamomile tea. Dried rosehip fruits boil for 5-8 minutes. Add to the decoction dried chamomile flowers and infuse the mixture under a cover. After 10 minutes, strain and drink tea with honey or sugar.
    2. Tea made from oregano, St. John's wort and rosehip. Grind all the herbs and berries, pour a boiling water and leave for 10-15 minutes.
    3. Linden tea. This is the best diaphoretic tea. Linden flower brew with boiling water, put on fire and cook for 10 minutes, strain and drink with honey or sugar.
    4. Tea made from mountain ash and raspberries. Dried berries of mountain ash and raspberry, taken in equal proportions, and dried (or fresh) black currant leaves mix and boil in a kettle. Infuse for 5-7 minutes.